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In Kansas City, MO, USA

We only install Linux and FreeBSD. We do not support Windows installations.

Yes. All our staff is fluent in Spanish and English. welcomes everybody, regardless of nationality.


You can pay via PayPal or with Bitcoin.
PayPal accepts payments either from your own account or with your credit card.
Bitcoin Payments are made through Bitpay.

We will remind you 2 days before it is due via email. We will send you the correct link for renewal of your specific service.


We do not impose any limits as long as the server is making fair use of the resources. If the network usage of a VPS can compromise the whole network, it will be capped.

1 Gbps


Yes. All the servers have full SSH access

Yes. All the servers have full root access

Yes. You have full control of the VPS and you can create as many user accounts as you wish.

You should regularly update the VPS to keep your system up to date with the latest security patches.

You can install any software you wish as long the software itself and its uses are legal.

No. All of’s VPS’s are installed on bare-metal servers.

Our KVM VPSs run on servers with Intel i7 Sandy Bridge quad-core 3.5 Ghz CPU with hyperthreading technology, and 16 GB of RAM

All our VPS’s use the KVM hypervisor.

Yes. We offer control panel access where you can:

  • Switch off / on the VPS
  • Reset the VPS
  • Reinstall the Operating System
  • Access the VPS when its internal network is down
  • See performance and network graphs

Yes. If you provide us to the link of your ISO, we can set it as the boot medium, and from there you can install it.

Yes. We can do it any time. A hard reset from the control panel is required for the change to take effect.

We only provide unmanaged services. We can point you on the right direction if time permits.

No. It uses too many CPU and network resources.

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