General Information

At, we are committed to protect our user’s privacy. The information we collect is only for the puropse for which it is submitted.

User Information

Information which is essential for the operation of our website such as that collected from web forms, emails, shopping cart, forum topics, traffic data, location data, user registration, and other means of communication, is kept in order to improve the user experience.

Payment Information

We do not collect any credit card information. All the payments are made using secure payment gateway through PayPal, or 2Checkout, and that information is not stored in our servers.

Network and server information.

We do not monitor the content of the servers, Virtual Private Servers, or Desktop Cloud. We can however receive information of illegal usage of bandwidth either by our providers, spam monitors, or copyright holders, or any other concerned organization or person. That information is not from the servers, but it is gathered from the internet.

How we use cookies

We may gather some information regarding your computer for our services. That information is only for statistical purposes, and in order to improve our products and our website. That information is mathematical data about our visitors and does not give out any personal details.

Cookies may be used to gather this general internet data. When used, cookies are downloaded to your computer without prompting. The cookie file is stored on your hard drive, where files are transferred to. This information helps us improve our site and services to you.

All computers can block cookies by activating proper browser settings. There is a place to enable you to decline cookies under the options menu. Please note if you decline cookies you may experience limited access to certain areas of our site.

How we manage information.

Information is only handled by staff (which also adheres to this policy), and we do not give it away or sell it to any third parties.


In case of violation of our Terms and Conditions, information may be handled to companies such as spamhaus or Do Not Host Blacklist. Information may also be handled to law enforcement if required.


Please direct any questions about our Privacy Policy to